Our comprehensive music library spans the early 1900's to today (including select tracks that have not yet been released to the general public). The library includes chart topping popular music currently broadcasted as well as favorites that have enjoyed frequent airplay in decades past. Some unique regional selections are also available.

        • •The library is computerized with over 100,000 songs to accommodate fast playlist changes and requests on the fly
    • •Updates occur on a monthly basis - new songs guests want to hear are stocked
    • •All music is obtained from legitimate sources and professional suppliers to ensure ad-free high quality sound - no illegal downloads or recordings from websites
    • •Radio-edited "clean" versions of most popular songs are available - decreasing the possibility of an offended guest
    • •We make a sincere attempt to play to all crowds and audiences
    • •Songs important to you are loaded in and checked before your event
    • •If we don't have it, we can get it on the spot - most of the computers are equipped with 4G hotspots

Popular Formats We Stock Include

  • •Pop/Top 40
  • •Country
  • •Urban (Rap/RnB)
  • •Rock
  • •Adult Contemporary


Popular Formats We Stock Include

  • •Oldies
  • •Classic Rock
  • •Polka
  • •Swing
  • •Big-Band
  • •Jazz
  • •Classical
  • •Reggae
  • •Latin
  • •Christian
  • •Metal
  • •Line Dances
  • •Techno
  • •Dub-Step


Offerings for themed events incorporate:

  • •Holiday Music (Christmas, Halloween, Hanaukah)
  • •Hawaiian, Carribean and Steel Drum
  • •Soundtracks and Show Tunes
  • •Kid-themed
  • •Parodies
  • •Square Dance


Fun Facts:

  • •At least 300 songs are added every month
  • •By Request boasts one of the largest Polka and Square Dance collections in its regional market
  • •We perform multiple ethnic receptions (Greek, Italian, Irish, Polish, German) and stock traditional dances for many nationalities
  • •Everything played at each event is logged in a report. Despite an ever-changing music scene, less than 2000 unique songs are used over a year span (due to the fact many events expect the same popular dance songs)